Tips for Making Healthy Juices


The Complete Juicer


Making healthy juices isn’t hard when you are making homemade juice from scratch. The vitamin and mineral components of the juice are dependent on which produce you use, and how much of it you use. You can increase your chances of making healthy, nutrition packed juice by giving it some thought prior to getting started.

  • What is Your Current Health Like?

It is always important to access what your current health situation is today. Do you suffer from any type of illness such as diabetes that would make taking in high quantities of fruit juice dangerous? It’s important to talk to your doctor before drinking a lot of juice. Oftentimes people with illnesses can still enjoy the health benefits of juicing by choosing the right produce.

  • What Conditions Do You Want to Treat?

Many people use juicing as a form of detox or addiction recovery. Some people find that it helps with starting over, or resetting their body chemistry to a healthier baseline before going back to a healthy diet. They might juice for as long as 90 days to treat some conditions. This type of juicing should be done under medical supervision. Shorter juice feasts of a couple of days are probably okay for healthy people.

Taking these things into consideration can increase your chances of success and help you create juices that are particularly healthy for you and your own conditions.




For the Best Results and Most Flavorful Juices

In order to ensure that you make the best juices possible, those that are healthy, free of contamination and so forth follow these tips.

  1. Buy Organic Produce

    While you don’t need to always buy organic when it comes to eating produce whole, it is very important that you buy organic produce for juicing. You will be ingesting a high concentration of produce so this step is essential.

  1. Chill Produce in Advance

    Juice tastes better cold, but you want to drink the juice immediately rather than refrigerating it because of the enzymes. So, the best way to get great taste is to chill the produce prior to juicing it.

  1. Clean Juicing Area

    Always clean the area in advance to ensure that you start with clean surfaces, knives & juicers to cut down on any chance of contamination that could make you sick.

  1. Prepare Your Produce

    It’s important to carefully wash and prepare all of your produce, including peeling, seeding and chopping when needed to fit into your juicer. Getting everything ready in advance will make the process go faster.

  1. Get Containers Ready

    Chill your containers while you prepare the juice. Juice tastes better cold, so chilling the serving vessels will help a lot. Plus, it’s fun.

  1. Juice Produce

    Run the produce through your juicer according to the manufacturer’s instructions and / or your recipe.


The Healthy Green Drink Diet


The final step to ensuring that you have healthy juices with plenty vitamins and minerals is to choose from three different categories of ingredients.

Choose a Base:

  • Celery
  • Cucumber
  • Carrot

Choose a Flavor:

  • Berry
  • Apple
  • Citrus

Add a Green:

  • Kale
  • Spinach
  • Lettuce

Being sure not to overload on any one flavor will make the most nutritious and flavorful juices. Learn about the vitamins and minerals in the produce you like to eat, as well as which vitamins and minerals can help treat illnesses you want to treat or avoid. Finally the most nutritious juice is the one you’ll actually drink, so make sure it tastes good.


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