How Much Juicing is Too Much?


The Juicing Bible


If you watched the movie “Sick, Fat & Nearly Dead”, you probably noticed that Joe Cross and Phil Staples went on 90 day juice only “feasts” in order to each drop roughly 100 or more pounds each. While it may seem like completing juice feasts of this duration length is safe for everyone, remember that they were under medical supervision the entire time.

Before embarking on juicing keep the following in mind…


What is Your Current Health?

Many people think that juicing is very extreme but you have to consider your overall health and what you are facing in the near and distant future. If you are considerably over weight, on many medications and suffering from food related illnesses, a long term juice feast might save your life. Sound extreme? Perhaps, but so is open heart surgery and the side effects of multiple medications.

On the flip side, if you have cancer and are going through chemotherapy, juicing might not be a good idea due to the increased risk of illness from raw, unpasteurized produced.


What Does Your Doctor Believe?

Always check with your doctor. If your doctor is completely against natural health alternatives, you might want to choose a more supportive physician. But, do make sure you find a doctor who is certified and trained in your particular needs. Someone who can monitor your juicing regimen and health during a particularly long juicing feast is an important way to ensure that you stay healthy.


How Much Weight Do You Want to Lose?

How long you participate in juicing depends on how sick you are, how much weight you want to drop, and how healthy you remain while juicing. With juicing, you get all the calories and nutrition that you need while giving your digestive tract and system a break.

Fasting has been done for centuries as a way to reset the body and cure illnesses. This is just a healthier take on fasting since you’re not depriving your body of vital nutrients.


The Healthy Green Drink Diet


What Other Goals Do You Have That You Believe Juicing Will Assist With?

Juicing has been shown to drastically improve weight, migraine, digestive conditions and more. People report being relieved of many different medications and conditions including eczema, heartburn, high cholesterol levels and other dangerous illnesses.

Understand what your goals are before you even get started and that will help you identify which juices you want to ingest, how often, and for how long.


To Juice Properly You Don’t Have to Make Juice Your Meal

It’s important to drink juice on an empty stomach to get the most benefit from the nutrients, but unless you are fasting, juicing should not be considered a meal replacement. Instead, drink a small juice before a meal or perhaps as a morning or evening snack.

Drinking juice as an added benefit to other good nutrition choices is smart. Just 8 ounces of juice can boost your daily vitamin and nutrition intake quite well.

Juicing regularly can make you feel awesome, improve your mood and overall health, but it’s imperative that you are always aware of any medical conditions that might affect your efforts and results before getting started.

Juicing as a way to get your health under control, or to simply add a little extra boost of nutrition to your day is simple and fun. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of juice, add spices, herbs and out of the ordinary ingredients to your juices. The better they taste, the more likely you are to drink them. The more you drink them the better you will feel.


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