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orange carrot juice


It’s amazing how simple can be so delicious. Carrots and oranges make a wonderfully sweet and tasty juice. You might be surprised at how much juice you can get out of a carrot. Trust me, it’s a lot.

We all know the benefits of oranges which are packed with vitamin C and can help prevent and heal colds faster. But carrots are also very helpful in fighting sickness and boosting immunity with their high beta-carotene content.

Carrots are also packed with vitamin A, which aids in tissue and bone development. Vitamin A is also very beneficial to vision. If you have issues with night vision, try juicing a few carrots each day and see if your vision improves. Juicing is one of the best ways to get enough of this important nutrient.

This juice combo really packs a wallop against illness. Drink it often as a preventative measure; drink it when you’re sick as a way to get well faster.


Ingredients (1 Serving):

2 Oranges, peeled, seeded
10 Carrots, peeled, washed, ends cut off



Run the peeled and seeded oranges through your juicer first, and then run through the 10 carrots. How much this juice makes will depend on the size of your carrots and the juiciness and size of your oranges so feel free to add more or less to make the serving of this juice the right size for you. Stir before enjoying.

Note: There really is no law that says you have to peel carrots, but it does help make the juice a brighter orange color. If you don’t mind your juice turning a funny color, try leaving the greens on the top of your carrot to make this into a green juice.



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