Pink Passion



Pink Passion


Not only is it healthy, but it is also fun to drink colorful juices. Serve this amazing juice in a special frosted glass to celebrate the bounty and goodness of nature.

This juice not only looks beautiful, but it tastes good. Some people are nervous about juicing cabbage but it tastes sweet and delicious, especially with this combination. Plus, raw cabbage juice is great for tummy troubles and has been shown to help cure ulcers as well as drastically improve digestion.

In addition, due to the carrots, this juice is high in beta-carotenes; making it more cancer preventative in nature. The more red and orange colors your juices include, the more cancer preventative your juice becomes and this juice is certainly loaded with the right colors.

Beets are super beneficial and healthy, especially as a juice. People who dislike cooked beets should still give juiced beets a try. The flavor is earthy and needs something sweet with it. For each small beet, add a complementary sweet juice such as an apple to sweeten things up a bit.


Ingredients (1 Serving):

1 cup purple cabbage
1 red apple, washed & seeded
1 small red beet, washed well
6 carrots, washed, peeled with ends cut off
1/2 lemon, seeded & peeled



Run ingredients through the juicer in the order listed. Stir and serve immediately for the best results and full tummy curing enzyme action offered by the purple cabbage

Variations: Try a different color of carrots, like purple or red, to make this juice really pop.

A small note about beet juice: You don’t need much, and it can color your bowel movements. If you eat any beets don’t panic if your BMs are colored red too. It’s not dangerous, so don’t worry.



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