Herbs for Menstrual Cramps


Many women experience pain during their menstrual cycle. If you are one of those women who experience menstrual cramps, the following herbs may prove helpful to you.




Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Tea, 16 Tea Bags (Pack of 6)

Ginger contains active compounds that can reduce the levels of pain-causing prostaglandins during the menstrual cycle. This herb also provides relief from fatigue which usually shows itself as a symptom of PMS or premenstrual syndrome.

A 2009 study showed that women who took 250mg of ginger capsules, four times a day, every day for three consecutive days, were found to experience the same level of relief as those women who took ibuprofen.

The 2012 edition of BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine also published a study which showed that taking ginger root powder helped women experience significant relief from dysmenorrhea. (Dysmenorrhea is pain during menstruation or menstrual cramps.)

Women who took ginger root powder prior to their menstruation days also experienced the shortest duration of pain, compared to those who didn’t.

The University of Maryland Medical Center advises that to obtain the best results, it is best to take ginger up to three times a day while menstrual cramps are being experienced for the greatest relief.


Fennel Seeds


Many studies show the effectiveness of fennel seeds in providing women natural relief from menstrual cramps.

One study that was conducted in 2002, consisted of 55 teenagers as participants. They were divided into two groups. One group was given fennel seed extract while the other group took mefenamic acid (a NSAID used in treating menstrual pain) as the test pain relievers for menstrual cramping. After two months, researchers foundthat 80% of the female participants in the fennel seed extract group reported to have experienced complete relief from their menstrual pain.

On the other hand, only 73% of those girls in the mefenamic group claimed to experience complete relief.

Fennel seeds provides relief without the side effects such as those experienced by people taking over-the-counter pain relievers, such as mefenamic acid.




Solaray Motherwort Supplement, 425 mg, 100 Count

Motherwort is another herb considered to be excellent for eliminating menstrual cramps. Motherwort also plays a role in toning the uterine muscles.

Regular taking of this herb for about four months has led to the elimination of menstrual pain for some women.

Motherwort also acts as a sedative, which helps you sleep better. Another bonus is that it can help ease anxiety, stress and headaches that usually go hand-in-hand with menstrual pain and discomfort.


Black Cohosh


Nature's Way Black Cohosh Root 540 mg, 180 VCap

This is another popular herb for menstrual cramps. Herbalists refer to this herb as an “emmenagogue” which is an agent that promotes smooth menstrual flow while getting rid of the cramps, tension, pain and congestion that may hamper a woman’s ability to experience a comfortable and pain-free menstruation.

Menstruation days can cause moodiness and anxiety and this is when black cohosh will help relieve built-up tension and anxiety, helping to make the menstruation period a more stress-free experience.


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