Your body has to have L-Carnitine in order to function. Without enough of this amino acid, your body is going to start putting up some red flags. Among those red flags that it will wave for you are symptoms that you shouldn’t ignore.


  • Brain confusion is one of the signs of low L-Carnitine. You may have trouble concentrating or difficulty in remembering things.
  • Fatigue is another common symptom when this amino acid is below healthy levels.
  • Blood pressure that drops too low is another.
  • So are muscle aches and muscle weakness.


All of that – or some of those – can happen when your body is L-Carnitine deficient.


But what can happen when you don’t get enough of this amino acid is that your body can’t process the fats the way that it should. You might wonder what that has to do with your brain. Your brain has to have these fatty acids that L-Carnitine is responsible for delivering throughout the body. That means that without the proper amount of this amino acid, your brain gets robbed of the fuel it’s supposed to receive.


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In the absence of these nutrients, your brain function declines. When the function declines, what you’re supposed to do can be affected along with what you’re supposed to remember.  But this deficiency can also increase your risk of having a lack of protection against age-related dementia. The entire communication system between your brain and the nerve signals can be disrupted.


The L-Carnitine in your body is an important factor in cushioning your nerves. The way that it cushions is by the way it processes the breakdown of the fats. These fats are then assigned to make it easy for your nerves to act as a conduit in sending and receiving messages in your body.


When L-Carnitine is lacking, your brain doesn’t get the fuel it needs because the nerves aren’t getting what they need. What begins to happen is that the cushion provided by L-Carnitine weakens when there’s not enough of it.  As the cushion weakens, it begins to disrupt the way that the nerves can perform their job. They struggle to communicate. They’re no longer protected by enough cushioning, which makes them vulnerable.


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There are several age-related diseases that can be linked to a lack of this protection for your nerves all as a by-product of not enough L-Carnitine. One of those diseases is Alzheimer’s.  Another one is Parkinson’s. By taking supplements that make sure you get enough of this amino acid that you need, you give your body a tool that can fight back against the onslaught of diseases like that.


You can also improve your cognitive function as well as your memory when you get the right amount of L-Carnitine.



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