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GreenAir Spa Vapor + Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist

Greenair Spa Vapor + Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy Review

    Essential oil diffusers blanket the air around you with wonderful aromatherapy scents and benefits. Physically and mentally, essential oils have proven beneficial in a number of ways. Humidifying diffusers, like the Greenair Spa Vapor + Advanced Wellness Instant Healthful Mist Therapy model reviewed here, use water and a fine misting method to fill […]

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve-2

Riverock Essential Oil Diffuser by Deneve – Sublime Whisper Quiet Electric Review

    Essential oil diffusers provide a wide array of mental and physical health benefits. Depending on the oil you choose, you can treat an endless list of illnesses and conditions. With some inexpensive heat and evaporative diffusers you can damage your oil, with some aromatherapy purists even saying you receive no benefits at all. […]

Gifts & Decor Folk Art Porcelain Tear Drop Oil Warmer Candle Holder

How to Choose From the 4 Different Types of Diffusers

  If you are getting into the aromatherapy game you may be confused by the different types of diffusers available. Basically, there are 4 different form factors to choose from. Each essential oil diffuser type has positives and negatives, which are covered below.   Heat Diffusers   Heat diffusers are simple and inexpensive. Technically, they […]

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential Oils Terminology – 5 Basic Terms You Need to Know

  There are certainly words and phrases which every practitioner of aromatherapy has to know. To effectively use essential oils for their wide range of health benefits, it makes sense that you need to understand the terminology used. The 5 words and phrases listed below can be considered “essential” essential oils and aromatherapy terminology.   […]